About the Photographer

I am a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in the black hills of South Dakota.

I do photo sessions mostly in Rapid City, but I also travel as far as Spearfish and the Badlands. Check out my Info page for prices and don't hesitate to reach out for custom quotes!

A Little Bit About Me

My background is diverse and has given me a unique perspective on life. I'm a artist, A gamer, nerd, and outdoor enthusiast. i started out as a landscape and wildlife photographer. I've been a traveler, a military spouse, An animal rescuer, sister to someone disabled, and a daughter to a mother who had Guillain-Barré. Along with battling my own health condition,I understand loss and I understand how important each moment is. I love life and my passion is capturing those special moments. Hopefuly in a truly authentic and emotive way. I really enjoy capturing and giving those moments to others And I would love to help capture those moments For you.

About Madra Rua Studio

What does madra rua mean? well it's irish for rex fox. so madra rua stuidio actually translates to red fox studio. it represents my roots, how i see the world, and how I want others to see it. Plus it just sounds prettier right?